Different Types of Signage Boards availabe in Hyderabad.

What Are Signages?

Signages are nothing complex- exactly what they suggest by the name. Signages are basically signs which are used to advertise, identify and propagate the brand of businesses. Signage is the best way to get the name of your brand out there and get people to notice it. Today, there are several types of signages available in the market. For the purposes of this article, we will currently focus on only outdoor signage boards which can be utilized by small businesses to grow their businesses in the most efficient manner possible- basically large returns with small investments!

Here are the different types of signage boards available for small business promotion

– A-Frame Signs:
A-Frame signs are probably among the most simple signs- just a printed paper or flex mounted on a small inverted V-shaped frame. These are among the cheapest signboards and are appropriate for small store outlets. However, these are mostly only effective in areas where there is not much crowd since these are small in size and will be blocked in high-traffic density areas.

– Banners:
Banners are among the most versatile advertising option and can be used both for indoor as well as outdoor advertising. They are relatively inexpensive to produce and can be made almost everywhere since they are not very technically difficult. Anyone with a sufficient-sized printer can create a banner. They are also highly customizable and can display a multitude of fonts and graphics. However, they are not a long-term solution and not very attractive to look at after a few days of putting them on, especially since they are not very visible in the dark.

– LED Signboards:
LED signboards are perhaps the best solution for small businesses. They utilize a backlit panel that is illuminated using LEDs. The outside of the panel is covered using various designs and colors of vinyl. This creates an iridescent and luminescent effect due to the LEDs shining behind the panel, these are the best among signage boards.

These are slightly more expensive than the other options but are very durable with a long life-sometimes lasting for years. They are highly attractive to look at and stand out in any situation or scenario. They can be mounted on poles, on shopfronts, or larger boards like banners.

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