Raghudigitals offers LED Signage board in Hyderabad. which are primarily aluminium composite panels with embossed acrylic lit with high-quality LEDs.


LED Signage Board Near Hyderabad

RaghuDigitals can be integrated into the following types of signage: We can implement a wide variety of designs according to your needs.

Our brand Raghudigitals is one of the most promising manufacturers and suppliers in Hyderabad, offering a wide range of quality assurance products such as acrylic, Glow Signage Board, LED Sign Board and much more.


Benefits of LED Signage Board:

Energy efficiency – The energy saving advantage of LEDs pays off. Compared to other lighting applications such as fluorescent and neon lighting systems, LEDs are 90% more energy efficient than fluorescent lighting and 80% more energy efficient than fluorescent lighting. The bottom line is that the longer LEDs work, the more money LEDs save compared to fluorescent and neon lighting.

Durability: LEDs are rugged solid state devices. They can be sent anywhere without special packaging, eliminating the risk of damage in transit. On the other hand, Neon and fluorescent are very fragile and require special care and packaging during transport.

Maintenance Free: The cost is reduced, and daily maintenance is not required to ensure continuous performance it reduces the possibility of lack of maintenance.

Environmental benefit: The problem of lamp disposal due to an LED long life is eliminated, and normal maintenance resources are not used.

Extreme weather and waterproof: LEDs are waterproof and can be submerged. LEDs have been shown to work in extremely harsh environments. LED outdoor signs have been used in hot and cold conditions for many years. In addition, the LEDs operate on 12 low-voltage DC systems, greatly reducing the risk of fire and electric shock.

Speak with us for Led Signage board design and to create a unique and eye-catching colour that captures the attention of your future customers.

Our Led signage board designs